Freshwater Veins

January - May, 2016 / Columbia City Hall

Exhibition Text

Freshwater Veins portrays the vitality of the aforementioned rivers. Participating artists explore these freshwater veins through varied practices from batik to oil painting and photography. Many of the artists are South Carolina natives, and each piece reflects a different branch of the flowing life found on these waterways. From the early glimmer of dawn to the fiery gasp of sunset, the artists show us the living diversity, both glorious and mundane, along our rivers.

The delicate light in Brant Barrett’s photographs conjures the freshness of a river morning. A lone duck floats on a peaceful expanse, reminding the viewer of the serenity to be found in still waters. The lively abstraction of Jon O. Holloway’s photograph captures the reflected light intrinsic to all waterways, while Rob Shaw’s oil painting reflects the fading brilliance of sunset. 

We also find the fun of recreation in contrast to daily tedium along the rivers. MJ King and Brant Barrett breathe life the recreational actives that the Congaree, Edisto, and Savannah Rivers afford. Boating, fishing, and swimming are prevalent along these snaking waterways. Daily life along a river is not undifferentiated fun. Chores and livelihoods present ambiguous moments that comment on the flow of life. Stephen Whetstone explore these nebulous territories. 

Humanity’s powerful hand is manifest in the bridges spanning each river. Rob Shaw shows the permanence of these structures, both industrial and intricate, where enjoyment of the waterways takes a back seat to the practicalities of travel and accessibility. Robert Keith offers a vibrant glimpse of life underneath these vital constructions.

Paul Haynes and Mary Gilkerson are inspired by close up examinations of the organic matter found within these streaming waters. In contrast, Mary Edna Fraser offers a colorful bird’s eye view of these waters that traverse our lives.


Freshwater Veins Exhibition Packet

Exhibiting Artists: Brant Barrett, Mary Edna Fraser, Mary Gilkerson, Jon O. Holloway, Robert KeithMJ KingRob Shaw, Stephen Whetstone, Paul Haynes

Columbia City Hall