Natural Assets

April - October, 2016 / SC ETV

Exhibition Text

Natural Assets examines environmentalism in our globalized community. By reusing, recycling and reimaging the relationship between nature, man, and emerging technology, we can use contemporary art to investigate the changing ecology of South Carolina and its residents. The world is increasingly sensitive to environmental issues, and it’s through this heightened awareness of our natural surroundings that the participating artists engage viewers in a visual dialogue about the delicacy and ephemerality of our surroundings and hope for a sustainable future. 

Rising seas and higher temperatures are becoming a reality in South Carolina. The erosion of coastal wetlands, droughts, forest dieback, shoreline erosion and saltwater intrusion are impacting our populations and landscapes on an unprecedented scale. Participating artists explore different facets of the changing environs through varied artistic practices allowing a glimpse of how these changes are reshaping the community.

Through layers of pigment, movement, and organic forms, Jeanet Dreskin creates a depth that continues beyond the image. The dynamic, shifting planes within her piece express this century’s current dilemma of erosion and destruction of our environment whilst retaining her hope in the cycle of renewal. Kim Thomas uses recycled plastic shopping bags; weaving fragile sculptures that explore how these materials relate to consumption and its relationship to pollution and climate change. Sean Stucker’s use of shifting perspective brings to life the surrounding atmosphere of his swamp scenes; a natural phenomenon in relation to integrated social and ecological concerns.

The delicately rendered lines of Susan Deaton express society’s relationship with nature while exposing the consequences of agricultural runoff and the reshaping of natural terrain. Likewise, using rich color and texture, Mary Gilkerson captures the shifting landscapes of rural South Carolina that border the agricultural, industrial and urban realms.


Natural Assets Exhibition Packet

Exhibiting Artists: Susan Deaton, Jeanet Dreskin, Mary Gilkerson, Sean Stucker, Kim Thomas

South Carolina Education Television